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ADA, NEAR, And LINK Price Might Drop To This Level Before Any Bullish Reversal

Elena R

A well-known Crypto analyst and trader, Michael van de Poppe asserts that he is bullish on Cardano(ADA), Chainlink (LINK), and Near Protocol (NEAR) as they will see huge opportunities soon

Michael van de Poppe informs his 589,000 Twitter followers that Cardano may attract some bearish cycle as Cardano hits bottom on a big support level.

According to the strategist, Van de Poppe wants to see Cardano’s ADA price drop by 18% before the price heads towards a macro reversal. He quotes

“ADA Overall, the level of support on $ADA is currently at $0.80. Honestly, I think we’ll lose that level and get a drop towards the $0.65 region (daily order block) before we can reverse, as the liquidity is taken then too.”

On the other hand, when the analyst talks about Chainlink, he is of the opinion that this network is strongly headed toward a more discounted zone which is needed for a long-term bullish trend. As per Van de Poppe, Chainlink Price is expected to drop by 40% and when the LINK price hits $15, that will turn out to be a bull rally.

“LINK Two things. 

1. This one is getting into optimal investment areas. 

2. The region around $8-9 is probably best. Not sure whether we’ll be hitting, but that seems likely. 

If reclaim $15 happens -> party time.”

The next currency that has caught Michael van de Poppe’s attention is Near Protocol which is developer-focused. He rules out the possibilities and says that the NEAR price will jump to $10 to find support before a bull run kicks in.

“NEAR This one is interesting around $10. Still marked that level down for a potential setup.”

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