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BabyDoge Surpasses 1.3M Twitter Followers Amid DEX and NFTs Launch

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BabyDoge’s popularity keeps growing; it now has 1.3 million Twitter followers. BabyDoge had the largest wallet holders among all three dog-themed cryptos.


Dog-themed and Binance-smart-chain-built digital currency, BabyDoge, is celebrating today. The token’s Twitter followers just crossed 1.3 million. While this massive number of followers is a significant accomplishment for BabyDoge, its followers are still way off fellow dog-themed cryptos – Shiba Inu and Dogecoin.

Shiba Inu and Dogecoin have 3.2 million followers each. While Shiba Inu has successfully equaled Dogecoin’s Twitter followers, it is still close to overtaking its market cap. This means that BabyDoge ranks third in the number of Twitter followers since the other dog-themed cryptos have more Twitter followers.

However, it is remarkable that SHIB and DOGE were launched way before BabyDoge. As of February this year, Etherscan data showed that BabyDoge has the largest holders among the three dog-themed cryptos. Hence, it is still a significant accomplishment to have amassed many such followers within a short period. It is proof of investor confidence in the long-term potential of this cryptocurrency.

Babydoge also reached a major milestone of 1.50 Million holders. This milestone makes BabyDoge, the favorite token for retail investors compared to DOGE and SHIB. As per BscScan.com data, 619,670 unique wallet addresses are holding DOGE, while the holder count for Shiba Inu currently stands at 1,127,347 (1.12 Million), as per Etherscan.io data.

BabyDoge is gradually becoming a fully-fledged cryptocurrency following its DEX and NFT platform launch. An outstanding feature of its dex is the burn feature and increased utility. Also, BabyDoge DEX known as BabyDoge Swap, won’t require user registration, and users can trade smoothly once they connect their wallets to Binance Smart Chain.

The newly launched baby dogecoin digital artwork (NFTs) is available to mint on OpenSea. The collection comprises 10,000 unique Baby Doges with over 200 possible traits ranging from ‘Sailor BabyDoge’ to ‘Holidaying BabyDoge.’ BabyDoge NFTs are stored as ERC-721 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain, and the floor price for one mint is set at 0.14 ETH.

Brazilian Soccer Legend Ronaldinho recently Announced Partnership With BabyDoge to Launch Exclusive NFTs.

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