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“BlueWhale0073” Adds 83.43 Billion SHIB, worth $1.67 Million to Its Stash Amid Ongoing Accumulation


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BlueWhale0073 Transfers another 84.89 Billion SHIB, Worth $1.70 Million to the Mysterious Wallet Address; Mysterious Wallet Now Holds 7.62 Trillion SHIB, Worth $152.44 Million in Her Wallet.

The Top Ethereum whale labeled “BlueWhale0073” accumulated a total of 83.43 Billion SHIB, worth $1.67 Million through three separate transactions in the last 24 hours. However, the whale prefers to transfer these Shiba Inu assets to the mysterious wallet than holding them.

A recent report by WhaleStats shows that BlueWhale0073 has purchased 4,318,320,742(74.31B) SHIB, worth $1.49 million in one significant transaction.

However, Etherscan.io data shows that following this transaction, she has made two more “Buy Transactions” and added 9,119,916,985 (9.11B) more SHIB, worth $183,120 to her portfolio.

In doing so, a whopping total of 83.43 Billion SHIB, worth 1.67 Million has been scooped up by the biggest Ethereum whale through three separate transactions in the last 24 hours.

Transfer of Shiba Inu Assets to the Mysterious Wallet Address:

Following this accumulation, she is found to interact with a mysterious wallet and appears to transfer 84,890,168,431 (84.89B) SHIB, worth $1,704,528 ($1.70M) out of her total SHIB balance to it, through one significant transaction.

“BlueWhale0073” continues to transfer its Shiba Inu assets to this mysterious wallet since Robinhood made SHIB available to trade on its platform to its 22 million users. Since April 12, she has transferred 2.74 trillion SHIB tokens, worth 54.69 million USD to this mysterious wallet. However, this mysterious wallet was exclusively discovered by TheCryptoBasic on April 20.

“BlueWhale0073” now holds only 291.40 million SHIB, worth $5,787 USD in her wallet.

Contrary to this, the newly emerged mysterious whale now holds a whopping total of 7.62 trillion SHIB, worth $152.44 million in her wallet, as per data provided by Etherscan.io.

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