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Cardano Community Responds to Critic Saying “ADA is Going to Zero” 

Mark Brennan

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The Cardano community defended ADA amid criticism from supporters of rival crypto projects.

Cardano enthusiasts may not be happy with the current performance of ADA, which has shredded a significant percentage of its value since the beginning of the year, but that does not imply that they have lost faith in the cryptocurrency.

Like most cryptocurrency projects, Cardano users have usually made significant efforts to protect ADA from every form of ridicule from supporters of rival cryptocurrencies.

Digital currencies including Solana (SOL), Ethereum (ETH), and Cardano were shaded in a recent tweet made by Mike Alfred, founder of crypto data analytics firm BrightScope.

According to Alfred, cryptocurrencies are no match for Bitcoin.

While Alfred noted that Solana is broken and Ethereum is associated with high gas fees, the Bitcoin proponent stated that the price of ADA will eventually go to zero.

“Solana is broken. Ethereum gas fees are so high that it’s essentially unusable. Cardano is going to zero. Meanwhile, #Bitcoin issues a new block every 10 minutes like clockwork. This isn’t rocket science folks,” Alfred said.

Cardano Community Comes to ADA Defense

The post did not seem to go down well with members of the Cardano community, who rallied around the post in defense of the ADA coin.

A Cardano supporter with the username @$nadjritzcalod stated that the post is insulting to the post-Cardano community.

@$nadjritzcalod said despite Alfred’s derogatory comments aimed at ADA, Cardano has performed extremely well in various aspects.

“My man really sneaked in a Cardano insult, funny how it’s something as irrational as “going to zero”. Zero downtime, active development, active scaling, most decentralized PoS, non-custodial staking, unmatched community, transparent roadmap, low cost, sidechain enabled,” @$nadjritzcalod said.

Similarly, ADA Whale, a Cardano supporter with nearly 100,000 followers on the microblogging platform, re-analyzed what Alfred meant by his post, saying:

“What Mike thinks he’s tweeting: Cardano is going to zero.

What Mike is actually tweeting: Cardano’s only credible competition is broken, unusable and 2008 tech. Victory by default!”

Cardano Tipped to Surge Above Previous ATH

Cardano is considered a grossly undervalued cryptocurrency at its current price following the crypto project’s developments.

As reported, Cardano has been active for the last five years without experiencing any technical glitches, while the same thing cannot be said for rival blockchains like Ethereum and Solana.

The blockchain is tipped to onboard many developers once the Hydra hard fork is implemented next month, as the update is expected to improve Cardano’s smart contract features.

The current price of ADA worth $0.794 at press time may be over 70% down from its all-time high of $3.09, but the Cardano community is optimistic that the cryptocurrency will soar above the previous ATH when more decentralized applications are deployed on the network.

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