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Cardano Founder Teases ADA’s Biggest Milestone to Date

Abdulkarim Abdulwahab

Charles Hoskinson, the founder of Cardano, has remarked on what he considers the most significant milestone in the history of the Cardano blockchain.

In an update on X, Hoskinson disclosed that June is set to be a pivotal month for Cardano. The platform is on the verge of update its node to version 9.0, laying the groundwork for the much-anticipated Chang fork.

Specifically, Hoskinson emphasized that the release of Cardano node 9 implies that the blockchain is all set for the Chang technical upgrade. 

According to the Cardano founder, the update is not just a technical step forward but a gateway to the “Age of Voltaire.”  Essentially, it would mark a new era of decentralized governance for the Cardano ecosystem. 

Cardano Set to Welcome its Biggest Milestone Ever

Notably, the upgrade requires the support of the community, specifically the Stake Pool Operators (SPOs), who are to install the new node software. Once 70% of Cardano SPOs have adopted the update, the Chang hard fork can be initiated. 

According to Hoskinson, this would mark the official transition to the Age of Voltaire. He believes the forthcoming transition is a crossroads for not only Cardano but the entire crypto sphere. 

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“It’s the most significant milestone in the history of Cardano and for the industry as a whole,” the Cardano founder remarked.

Cardano on Path to Globally Decentralized Civilization

Furthermore, Hoskinson pointed out that after the hard fork, Cardano will evolve into a globally decentralized civilization with millions of participants.

He envisions Cardano boasting the most sophisticated system of blockchain governance, complete with annual budgets and a treasury system—all led by the collective wisdom of the community.

Moreover, Hoskinson reflected on the journey, noting that it has been nearly a decade of remarkable progress for some. He marveled at the fact that within just ten years, the Cardano team had effectively built “a nation.”

In parallel, he expressed his deep pride and appreciation for the members of the Cardano ecosystem. For Hoskinson, achieving this milestone within Cardano instills him with hope for the future of the industry and the world at large. 

Hoskinson concludes with an inspiring call to action, calling on community members to “spend the next decade making a big dent in the universe.”

Community Reacts

The fact that the Chang hard fork requires input from 70% of SPOs has further fueled optimism among community members that Cardano is not controlled by a single entity.

“I thought you made the decision, and you controlled the keys? So, the SPOs actually make the decision? LFG Cardano community,” remarked an ADA enthusiast.

However, some have voiced concerns that a blockchain with governance, treasury, and budgets might resemble a centralized civilization. Hoskinson clarified that this isn’t the case when these elements are managed by tens of thousands of people from over 100 countries.

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