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Centric Swap (CNS) Now Accepted At Four More Businesses

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Online retailers and service providers in the US, South America, and Turkey join the network of businesses offering Centric payments

Centric Foundation announced four new businesses have integrated Centric Swap (CNS) as a payment option for their customers. The businesses include two ecommerce websites, a cloud-based virtual desktop provider, and a subscription-based online platform for traders.

“The four new businesses accepting CNS join a diverse and growing network of retailers, vendors, and service providers that welcome customers wanting to pay with Centric,” said Centric COO Tommy Butcher. “This announcement provides further validation that businesses of all types appreciate Centric’s uniqueness in the digital currency space,” Butcher said.

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The latest businesses to add Centric Swap (CNS) payments follow:

WebPC—WebPC is a pay-as-you-go cloud-based DaaS (Desktop-as-a-Service) provider based in Edinburgh, Scotland. The company specializes “in the best quality cloud machines for virtual desktops with a responsive, anonymous, customizable workspace and end-to-end encryption for security and privacy.”

DejaVu Trades—DejaVu Trades, based in Bogotá, Colombia, is an online platform that helps traders in their operations, providing trends, support, and signals to enter the market long or short. It allows beginners and advanced traders to trade the markets in the short term and have a constant return to increase their profitability. DejaVu Trades accepts Centric Swap for their monthly and annual subscription fees.

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AirbrushCustoms—AirbrushCustoms in Richmond, Virginia, is an ecommerce site that sells custom hand-painted and airbrushed t-shirts, hats, hoodies, and more. They offer a “design your own” feature that allows customers to personalize apparel. AirbrushCustoms ships worldwide.

TurkishBox—Based in Istanbul, Turkey, TurkishBox is an online retailer of traditional and handmade Turkish items and housewares including cotton towels, ceramics, coffee makers, teapots, copper products, wall art, and more. They offer wholesale pricing and dropshipping for some of their products.

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