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Certa Brings Generative AI-Powered Third Party Management to Enterprises

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Innovative Generative AI Capabilities and New ESG Modules Enable Businesses to Efficiently Navigate Evolving Regulations and Risks in Third Party Relationships

Certa, the leading software platform for enterprises to manage risk, compliance, and ESG for their third parties like vendors, partners, and clients, today announced that its trailblazing generative AI capabilities are now available to all customers. This marks a new era of efficient and intelligent third-party risk and compliance management. With Generative AI woven throughout the Certa platform, a redesigned user interface, and plug-and-play ESG modules, Certa empowers organizations to proactively navigate regulatory complexities while offering robust, compliant, and sustainable third party relationships.

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“Unstructured data is the Achilles’s heel of third party management”

Key updates include:


Generative AI-powered:

○ Workflow design using natural language

○ Questionnaire responder for faster third party responses

○ Automated risk assessment from contracts, SOC2 documents, ESG reports, etc.


Redesigned UX for easier navigation and enhanced functionality


Plug-and-Play ESG modules for effortless compliance with global frameworks and sustainability goals

Certa’s generative AI capabilities streamline workflows and processes across the entire third-party management lifecycle. From intelligent workflow creation to AI-powered smart fills for questionnaires and risk assessments, Certa’s solutions set a new standard in the way businesses manage third party risk, compliance and ESG.

“Unstructured data is the Achilles’s heel of third party management,” said Jag Lamba, CEO and Founder of Certa. “This is the perfect use case for the power of GenAI. By transforming unstructured information from contracts, SOC reports, and ESG disclosures into structured, actionable insights, we’re empowering businesses to get a clearer picture of their entire third party ecosystem and make more informed decisions.”

Certa’s plug-and-play ESG modules seamlessly integrate into existing workflows, enabling businesses to effortlessly comply with global standards like the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSDR), EU Deforestation Regulation (EUDR) and Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM). The platform enables organizations to prepare for upcoming ESG regulations from the SEC and California. The modules also offer advanced Scope 3 emissions tracking and reporting, empowering organizations to meet sustainability goals.

With 61% of corporate risk and compliance professionals prioritizing regulatory changes and 77% emphasizing ESG-related developments, sophisticated compliance tools are paramount. Certa’s AI-powered platform equips professionals with the capabilities to streamline processes and proactively adapt to the evolving regulatory landscape.

Inspired by the intuitive design of leading consumer applications, Certa has meticulously reimagined its user experience to simplify the complexities of risk, compliance, and diverse business relationships. The platform’s consumer-grade interface makes navigation effortless and intuitive, while the redesigned Certa Studio features a refreshed library of drag-and-drop templates and user-friendly tools, enabling users to craft workflows with unparalleled ease and precision.

With Certa’s “AI on Your Terms,” users have complete control over AI settings, ensuring alignment with internal compliance and policy requirements.

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