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CryptoHero Joins TradeStation to Provide Access to Automated Crypto Trading

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TradeStation works with CryptoHero to provide customers with 24/7 trading capability in the crypto market

CryptoHero, a highly-rated automated crypto trading bot software that automates trades round the clock, has joined TradeStation Crypto to offer TradeStation customers the enhanced feature of automated bot trading. The automated bot’s technology is provided by Novum Global Ventures, the company behind the highly successful CryptoHero.

“Our easy-to-use CryptoHero platform allows users access to the world of automated trading,” said Christopher Low, CEO and founder of CryptoHero. “Often, a trader will miss market opportunities during rest periods. An automated bot will fill in the gaps and take advantage of such opportunities.”

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TradeStation Crypto offers brokerage services and an online trading platform that allows self-directed investors and traders to buy, sell, and trade cryptocurrencies. The company was recently named the “#1 Crypto Technology” in StockBrokers.com 2021 Online Broker Review.* TradeStation Crypto is a subsidiary of TradeStation Group, Inc. headquartered in South Florida, which provides award-winning* trading and analysis platforms, and self-clearing online brokerage services for stocks, ETFs, equity and index options, commodity and financial futures, and futures options.

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“TradeStation excels in providing customers tools for enhancing their trading edge,” said James Putra, Vice President, Product Strategy at TradeStation Crypto, Inc. “Working with CryptoHero is another example of how TradeStation seeks to provide customers with different ways of interacting with the market based on their needs and preferences.”

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