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How SHIB-Themed Fast Food Restaurant Welly Is Contributing To Burning Shib And Growing Shiba Inu Ecosystem: Details


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Welly, the first-ever SHIB-themed fast-food company, officially unveiled the upcoming Burn Plans for Shiba Inu (SHIB).

This week, Welly celebrated “Utilities Week,” which started on April 20th and disclosed six utilities 1 per day. One remaining utility might be unveiled later in the day as promised.

While disclosing its 6th utility via tweet, Welly, the first-ever SHIB-themed fast-food company, confirms that they’ll contribute towards Shiba Inu (SHIB) burns in many different ways, like a percentage from the franchise fees from company net profits, and many more.

Soon after the tweet, the official SHIB Growth Breed member, MILKSHAKE, hosted a Welly AMA Session. Archangel, yet another official member of SHIB Growth Breed, was given a chance to lead the AMA Session in the presence of one of the Welly founding team members, @koalop.

During AMA Session, many more details about Welly’s upcoming Burn Utility were disclosed, along with a healthy Q&A session.

As the AMA session started, the founding member of Welly disclosed that the fast-food company aims to burn 2% of the total net profit from all the stores. The remaining percentage of the net profits will be distributed among other initiatives as per the community’s decision. He also made it clear that the Welly NFT holders will have the opportunity to burn even more with the remaining amount, which is directed to the rewards.

Following this, the founding member of Welly also confirmed that Welly NFT holders would also enjoy the voting power to make business decisions for Welly through the Doggy DAO using BONE, another token of the Shiba Inu ecosystem. This means the holders could choose potential new locations for new stores or what to do with the percentage of net profits, whether burned, rewarded, or invested in Welly’s expansion.

Further explaining the utilities of Welly NFT, he noted that NFT holders would be given special access to different events like discounts and services. If any of the NFT holders decide to use a particular NFT for marketing and packaging purposes, he will be rewarded since the copyright of that NFT belongs to the one who holds it.

In the meantime, Welly accepts SHIB as a form of payment and is actively contributing towards SHIB Burning through an optional BURN feature introduced by NOWPayments on March 22, 2022.

Global Expansion of Welly:

Besides this, he also talked about the global expansion plan for Welly. He confirmed that they’ve received over 300 franchise applications, and they’re undergoing a thorough review. Whereas, following the review, most of the franchise requests that fit in with the Welly undisclosed criteria will soon be reached out for interviews.

Franchise Fee Can Be Used For Burn:

He further noted that the franchisers would be decided in rosters, and each roster will have a different fee associated with it. The collected fees will be sent to a treasury wallet controlled by the community through votes. Hence, the community will again have the power to decide what to do with those funds. Either they want it to use for burn, rewards, or to invest in Welly’s expansion.

First Franchise Roster: The franchiser will be able to choose between a ghost kitchen and a takeaway store.

In the same way, the second franchise roster will include a store under 100 square meters, and the third franchise roster will consist of a store above 100 square meters. Furthermore, the franchisers will be given 24/7 support from Welly’s team. The support will include a free training program for the employees and an option to buy the necessary equipment directly from Welly’s so that franchisers won’t have to go out and source their equipment and materials.

In addition, the founding member of Welly also states that the holders of Welly NFT, which were released earlier this year, will be given exclusive access to requesting a “priority” for a Welly Franchise.

Moreover, as per the statement delivered to Archangel from the Welly’s founding member during an AMA session, the franchise application will be accepted until the next NFT drop. Later, they’ll proceed with the aim to open its first flagship store in one of the European Union (EU) capitals, the United States of America (USA), and eventually around the world.

However, the founding member of Welly refused to tell the exact date of the opening of its first-ever flagship store. But he said that once the first flagship store opens up, it could be an exponential growth.

Welly is a first-ever SHIB-themed fast-food company located in Naples, Italy. They’ve been in business for more than a year now. The fast-food company comes up with the dream to create a restaurant chain that doesn’t only give happiness to its customers through high quality and delicious food but can really give them the commitment they deserve like the company doesn’t aim to push out food for profit but making healthy fast food available for everyone.

Unlike other fast-food chains in the world, Welly’s primary goal is to put food on the blockchain while working in the crypto world. To make this possible, the team behind Welly has undergone a deep-rooted partnership with Shiba Inu (SHIB) on February 2, 2022.

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