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IOHK Shared Cardano Ecosystem Most Important Updates Within Seven Days


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Important Updates In The Cardano Ecosystem In The Past Seven Days.

While the Cardano community continues to anticipate next month’s Vasil upgrade, other important events are occurring in the Cardano ecosystem, especially the continued increase in the number of Cardano-built decentralized projects. IOHK provides a review of happenings in the ecosystem over the past seven days. However, the most important ones are revealed below.



Liqwid finance partners with Carda

Non-custodial liquidity protocol, Liqwid finance, announced a partnership with Carda (a smart contract-based NFT services on Cardano).

Through the partnership, Liqwid finance users can use the protocol’s native token ($LQ) to list or buy NFTs on the Cardanohub marketplace at a minimal service charge.

Muesliswap completes the first phase of matches on Cardano mainnet

One of the top Cardano DEXs’ Muesliswap, revealed that they have completed their first partial matches on the Cardano mainnet. The completion of this phase is in partial fulfillment of their switch to Muesliswap V2. The limitation of Muesliswap v1 is that it only enables matches of equal-sized orders. However, the completion of Muesliswap v2 will enable orders to be matched against one another regardless of their size. Thus, enhancing liquidity and trading experience in the network.

Coinracer and Artano collaborate to launch NFTs on Cardano

Play-to-earn, blockchain-built skill-based racing game, Coinracer, collaborated with Artano (a platform for artists and creators) to launch NFTs on the Cardano network. The announcement came with a giveaway of BUSD and ADA.

Sundaeswap and Cardashift collaborate

DEX platform, Sundaeswap, announced a collaboration with Cardashift (a decentralized platform that provides funding for startups). The collaboration makes yield farming available for the ADA/CLAP pair.

ErgoDex shares their testnet token pack

Cross-chain DEX platform, ErgoDex, showed their testnet token pack. Users tested their ErgoDex tokens with the tokens of six top projects.

Ledger announced a new version of the Cardano app

Ledger announced that Cardano users can now download the latest version of the Cardano app (V4.0.0). The announcement added that the new version is compatible with smart contracts.

The NFT-maker announces a new partner

NFT ecosystem, NFT-maker, announced that it has partnered with wolfram research (creators of wolfram language) to make it easier for anyone to access and create their NFTs.

Argus NFT launches tool to detect fake NFTs

Argus NFT announced that it has completed the development of a tool that anyone can use to verify the minting history of Cardano NFTs and confirm that such NFTs are not fake.

Wanchain deploys cross-chain bridges

Wanchain and Cardano’s IOHK have collaborated to enable interoperability between the Cardano mainnet, sidechains, and other blockchains. Wanchain will deploy cross-chain bridges to serve as an EVM sidechain to Cardano.

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