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Quadrata Adds Team of Trusted Advisors to Support Building the Standard for Open Compliance-Aware Framework

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Quadrata, a Web3 identity passport network bringing identity, compliance and reputation to enable real financial services to DeFi, has added a team of five trusted advisors. The addition of these advisors will provide Quadrata with valuable industry expertise and an extended network in the institutional finance and DeFi space, contributing to the company’s mission of setting the standard for institutional DeFi.

Quadrata’s trusted advisors include Kristin Smith, Executive Director of the Blockchain Association, David Kravitz, Ph.D., Senior Director of Research at Spring Labs, Don Ho, Executive Director of Quantstamp Technologies, Tony Sheng, Founder of Cozy Finance, and Sebastien Borget, Co-Founder and COO of Sandbox. Each advisor brings a unique perspective to the team which will help contribute to the security and privacy-preserving properties of Quadrata’s protocol, furthering development of on-chain compliance-aware solutions across DeFi and the Metaverse, and discussions in public policy around identity on the blockchain.

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“We are humbled by this group of industry experts who have joined Quadrata as advisors,” said Fabrice Cheng, Co-Founder and CEO of Quadrata. “This diverse group of leaders will bring perspective from traditional institutions on what it takes for them to feel comfortable participating in DeFi, provide our team with recommendations on technology development, security protocols, government initiatives and DeFi/NFTs to help us continue improving our passport protocol and build the standard for identity, compliance and reputation on the blockchain.”

“Quadrata’s passport network is designed to address the need for attributable reputation on the blockchain through user-controlled import and release of aspects of vetted user information, while pseudonymously protecting user identity and respecting user privacy,” said David Kravitz, Ph.D., Senior Director of Research at Spring Labs. “The secure underpinnings of the protocol can be applied to broader use cases beyond DeFi, and I look forward to working with the team to provide further cryptographic support in advancement of usable information security.”

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In the future, Quadrata hopes to work with their advisors on discovering new use cases, including ways for users in the Metaverse to utilize the identity and reputation protocols.

“As Avatars will become our next digital Identity in the Metaverse; being able to build a trust and reputation system based on your actions “in-game” inside the Metaverse as well as your interactions with decentralized applications; including DeFi protocols, will unlock access to real world financial services to millions,” said Sebastien Borget, Co-Founder and COO of The Sandbox.

Quadrata’s Web3 passport network launched in March 2022 with the goal of enabling native on-chain access to identity, compliance and reputation. The passport contains users’ current KYC status and eventually will have their credit reputation. Quadrata infrastructure will support broader institutional adoption and a wider range of financial products in DeFi, before being applied to other use cases.

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