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Robo Inu Finance’s Partnership with VNet Gaming

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Robo Inu Finance was conceived by a group of scientists and researchers, aiming to create an open ecosystem where anyone can achieve financial freedom globally. It is a community-owned crypto coin inspired by the idea of NASA’s inspiring plan to send robotic dogs to Mars.

VNet Gaming is a traditional gaming platform based in Sydney, Australia. It provides gamers with a platform to provide gamers with the best playing field, the latest announcements, and news about events, offers, and promotions at VNet Gaming.

Robo Inu Finance has been in business for about 6 months whereas VNet Gaming has been in business for more than a year or so. VNet Gaming is investing US $2 million into Robo Inu Finance for the growth of the token and its development. Holders of Robo Inu Finance can participate in the gaming tournament hosted by VNet Gaming, and the concept will be play-to-earn. The participants can earn $RBIF tokens simply by playing the games and making payments for purchases made at the store using these tokens.

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Robo Inu Finance team continues to add value to the token by getting into strategic partnerships with different businesses and integrating the token into real payment platforms. It will eventually result in the adaptation of Robo Inu Finance tokens in the mainstream market and public.

The Robo Inu Finance tokens were created with the aim of bringing about a new era of payment methods using the FinTech industry and artificial intelligence. Which eventually would also help businesses maximize the advantages of AI and the fast-growing blockchain innovation and technology. The term FinTech is a combination of the two words, finance, and technology. It includes numerous products and services to help create new business models and reshape the financial service industry.

With the inspiration from NASA and the growing need for development in the FinTech industry, ex google developers and scientists from various fields built Robo Inu Finance to provide convenient financial means to its valuable investors by creating a platform for everyone regardless of their age, gender, and race. This would not only help these individuals accomplish their dreams with financial safety and freedom but would also equip them to manage their finances better.

The marketing and development team at Robo Inu Finance uses social media platforms, to connect with the crypto community globally to get an insight into the crypto industry and increase the global market. For transparency reasons, the role of an agent in financial matters is slowly being replaced, and people prefer to buy, sell, and exchange a large amount of money on their own. At Robo Inu Finance, the participants will be the project’s driving force upon ownership announcement. They will guide all significant decisions and vote on critical issues, establishing a reliable and honest relationship for years to come.

Robo Inu Finance is also developing a new website for VNet Gaming. It will also help grow the platform’s user base. It will increase the number of the targeted audience by promoting the traditional gaming business model to $RBIF token holders and communities. By collaborating with the blockchain company, VNet gaming will be able to provide their valuable customers with the tools and services that would enhance their gaming experience. This would also enable the customers to make in-game purchases, earn money by playing games, shop, and collect rewards easily by using the token.

Robo Inu is also working to develop mainstream financial applications that would prove to be indispensable in today’s crypto market. These applications include Robo Wallet, Robo Launchpad, and Robo NFT Marketplace.

Robo Wallet is being developed to allow the holders to send and receive cryptocurrency worldwide. It will also help the users to store, track and manage their currency. In addition to that, Robo Wallet will also provide a feature to track the daily expenses that may include food, commute, and other such costs. This will help the users track all of their expenditures, cut down costs, and start saving up to achieve financial freedom.

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Robo Wallet will prove to be a vital resource in the financial industry and its partners. Users at VNet Gaming will be able to use Robo Wallet for all their transactions and payments. It will also ensure that people will be able to take care of their finances from anywhere in the world.

Robo Launchpad is a blockchain project that will allow investors to get early access to buy new tokens at low prices before they hit the market. This would also serve as a launch site for not yet popular businesses that are doing well in their respective industries.

Robo Inu Finance launched a platform for daily auctions called Robo NFT Marketplace. NFTs are blockchain-based ownership records and are becoming popular in the collectibles industry. Nevertheless, there are other applications of NFTs as well. They can be used in real estate to speed up the process and transactions, ensure the authenticity of products, store records without compromising confidentiality or risk of tampering, and buy and sell intellectual property, among other things.

All the resources and applications that Robo Inu Finance is working to develop would prove valuable to the VNet gaming platform and its users as well.

In conclusion, the advances in the FinTech industry, blockchain, and AI are proving to be beneficial for businesses and individuals around the world. VNet gaming’s ambition is to venture into the blockchain digital currency assets. Robo Inu Finance will undoubtedly be a valuable partner in providing the gamers with a joyous experience with serious investment possibilities.

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