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The Token Worth GOLD! Gold Mining

Albert Brown

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GOLD has been used as a medium of exchange, store of value and symbol of wealth since
before biblical times. It is a hybrid metal and a coin. In addition to its ideal properties for various industrial uses, gold is the ultimate currency. Central banks, governments and monetary authorities around the world validate the role of gold in the financial system, as they hold the metal as an integral part of their foreign exchange reserves. With the pandemic, gold reached a historic price in August 2020, at $2,021 an ounce, used in weighing precious metals.

Thus, the metal appreciated by 56% in the year. SEE THE IMPORTANCE OF GOLD MINING
we are the first Startup specialized in leasing of productive gold mining areas, which
saw a great business opportunity in helping small and medium GOLD miners to improve
their mining performance. We saw the difficulty of mining companies with the legal
structuring and formatting of their metal extraction processes to have a significant
result in mining. With this, GOLD MINING built methods to implement in small and
medium miners, providing equipment suitable for the processes. In this great idea, it is
possible to expand throughout the territory with mobile plants, facilitating the procedure. Distributing own washing plant franchises using high-level technology and management to bring efficiency making the business more profitable and accessible, quickly and safely, adopting disruptive technologies such as blockchain, IOT and tokenization. Remote activation our machine has an integrated system for tablets and cell phones where the employee controls the plant remotely. Data Tracking All data collected will be tracked via blockchain and IOT, to ensure more efficiency and transparency. Infrared State-of-the-art technology used to facilitate and detect any productive material.

When you choose to invest your money in Gold Mining currency, you are not only buying a fraction of the mining company, which will be accounted for every month, paying in staking. But you are investing in the GMC fund, for the development of the extraction and improvement of the gold mines, consequently increasing more and more the profitability of the asset. The GMC Fund will finance the extraction of AU (GOLD) ore The GMC GOLD MINING TOKEN fund was backed by the entire ecosystem of real gold mining; only 18,000,000 million coins were created, 77% of which was blocked for 2 years , bringing more shortages in the GMC token. And a percentage of the gold will be made available to the GOLD Fund, about 10%. For the creation of our second GOLD COIN. (1 gram of gold-1 Gold Coin) international exchange price.

Visit our website: https://goldmining.co/en
Join the official telegram: https://t.me/goldminingglobal
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