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BitDCE Cooperate With Simplex Officially to Start Cryptocurrency Global Payment

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BitDCE company has reached a cooperation with Simplex before, and the platform has begun to form a new combinationecosystem of “Global Easy + Global Payment + Global Purchase”, and become one of the few cryptocurrency exchanges in the world that supports payments such as Visa and Master. At present, users of BitDCE platform can conduct cryptocurrency transactions through visa, Master, etc., each transaction can reach up to 20,000dollars, cover the legal currency of more than 97 countries to purchase cryptocurrencies, and support multiple systems such as PC, IOS and Android for use.

BitDCE exchange is a comprehensive trading platform covering digital currency spot, contract, legal currency, and cryptocurrency derivatives and other products. It is convenient and fast to use VISA, Master, etc. To purchase digital currency. Strict KYC audit procedures will prevent criminals in order to better protect the security of assets and funds of cryptocurrency enthusiasts and users. When using Visa, Master, etc. to pay and buy cryptocurrencies on BitDCE exchange, select the menu bar and the entrance will be displayed automatically. As one of the optional payment methods on the platform, this will bring BitDCE users a better and more convenient payment experience.

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BitDCE chose to cooperate with Simplex in the payment ecosystem at this time , which is based on the recognition of the strength of both parties, and also aims to contribute to the construction of a high-quality encryption system payment ecosystem in the future. As a leader in the global encryption ecosystem solution provider industry, Simplex’s mission is to “make cryptocurrency available to everyone”, which coincides with BitDCE team’s pursuit of creating a new ecosystem of “Global Easy + Global Payment + Global Purchase” . With the formation of BitDCE “Global Easy + Global Payment + Global Purchase” ecosystem, it will surely become the flagship of the global encryption system payment ecosystem in the future. It is estimated that cards related to encrypting currency and other emerging payments may subvert the world’s level trillion dollars per year in cash and check payments.

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What is the global payment ecosystem of BitDCE:

BitDCE’s payment ecology refers to cooperation with top global payment platforms, supporting online payment services such as VISA and MASTER in the world, supporting fiat currency or digital asset transaction services. Cardholders will be implemented using encrypted monetary wallets in more than 70 million commercial users worldwide.

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