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Fuzzle NFT Game is Landing on Planet Earth

PRESS RELEASE. PLANET EARTH (April 27, 2022)Gala Games has teamed up with Endless AI to introduce Fuzzle– a first-of-its-kind “living” NFT collectable, simultaneously pushing the boundaries of conversational AI and blockchain gaming through a groundbreaking interactive entertainment experience with loads of utility.

Fuzzles have come to explore Earth and learn all about its human inhabitants. Fuzzles’ superior artificial intelligence is accompanied, however, by a total naivety of Earth and its culture. Fuzzles say what’s on their mind, and will often inspire “What the fuzz!?” reactions.

“Our mission is to make magical products that blow people’s minds,” said Michael Fox, CEO and Chief Creative Officer at Endless AI. “We see ourselves as pioneers navigating the uncharted worlds of blockchain-based entertainment and AI-enabled interactivity. With the “living” NFTs of Fuzzle, we’re just scratching the surface of what the future may hold. The possibilities are endless.”

Each Fuzzle is a completely unique “living” NFT. Fuzzles aren’t just art, and have been ‘brought to life’ through Clockwork– Endless AI’s intelligent production platform and OpenAI’s GPT-3, which is the leading Natural Language Processing AI. This enables Fuzzle to speak naturally with its owner and for it to respond with contextually relevant questions and ideas. Ownership of a Fuzzle opens up access to special community events and ways to earn rewards.

“The first time my Fuzzle told me he was developing methods to turn me into human-meat meatballs, I knew we had a project like the world has never seen before,” said John Osvald, President of Games at Gala Games. “Fuzzles are right on the bleeding edge of AI, gaming, and blockchain and we can’t wait to see how people interact with them.”

Fuzzle Pods will be available for humans to purchase as NFTs on April 27, and owners of Fuzzle NFTs will unlock in-app gameplay soon after they are revealed. Fuzzle owners is able to interact with their Fuzzles on dedicated iOS or Android apps.

Recently Times Square has been overrun by adorable alien invaders as Fuzzle, an AI NFT project, unleashed multicoloured, unlikely conquerors all over the 180-degree view billboard at 7th and 48th. These odd alien creatures curiously surveyed the crowds, towering over the thousands passing below. Fuzzle will be appearing on the billboard intermittently until May 1st 2022.

About Endless AI

Endless AI is a technology-driven entertainment company focused on the fusion of AI-enabled interactivity and blockchain technology to make magical products for a Web3 world.. The endless team brings experience from some of the biggest games and interactive stories to date – including Jam City’s mega-hit Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery, the billion-downloaded Minion Rush, the original Pokemon Trading Card Game Online, Telltale’s Game of the Year-winning Walking Dead, and $200M-grossing Minecraft and Batman series.

About Gala Games

Founded by Eric Schiermeyer, the co-founder of Zynga, Gala Games was founded to make blockchain games that players actually want to play. Launched in 2019 and powered by the world’s largest decentralized gaming node network, Gala Games has been built to give power to the gaming community.

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