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Revolutionary NFT Platform YellowHeart Protocol Set to Launch on Bittrex Global Starting Block

YellowHeart Protocol, an NFT platform poised to disrupt the ticketing and music industries, is launching its utility token, HRTS (pronounced “Hearts”), on Bittrex Global’s IEO Platform Starting Block as the platform’s debut project.

The Premier Marketplace for Musicians to Join the NFT Revolution

YellowHeart Protocol, an NFT platform fabulously poised to disrupt the ticketing and music industries, is the first project launched on the Bittrex Global’s IEO Platform and is here to redefine the future of music. The platform is launching its utility token, HRTS (pronounced “Hearts”), on Bittrex Global Starting Block as its debut project. The token sale starts on May 10 at 13:00 UTC for non-US residents.

NFT sales have skyrocketed since 2021. NFT trading volumes have surged and continue to shatter records and reach new heights. Despite the speculation and skepticism surrounding NFTs, one thing is sure they are here to stay. NFTs have gained traction with fans and have emerged to connect with their favorite brands, organizations, and celebrities.

Music is a universal experience, and the music industry itself is booming. However, it is plagued with tremendously challenging issues like counterfeiting, bad actors, rampant fraud, and lack of traceability, which need solutions. YellowHeart Protocol aims to transform what tickets can do and how they are created, sold, and resold. The team also wants to change the fan experience – how people listen to music and how they engage with their favorite celebrities.

The platform is positioning itself as the premier place for musicians to join and participate in the NFT revolution. On the YellowHeart Protocol platform, tickets are now offered as non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and enhanced with new capabilities enabled by the HRTS utility token. In contrast to traditional tickets, NFT tickets provide music, video, and engaging experiences. They allow artists to communicate directly with their fans. And they offer artists and venues a share of the proceeds any time a ticket is resold. In addition to ticket NFTs, the YellowHeart Protocol marketplace also offers music NFTs, collectable NFTs and community NFTs. The platform’s long-term mission is to bring together a larger ecosystem of fans, artists, sports teams, brands, venues, event promoters, and more to participate in the disruptive leap forward.

Top Artists and Brands Have Already Partnered With One of YellowHeart Protocol’s Founding Member

Top artists and brands have already partnered with YellowHeart LLC – a founding member of YellowHeart Protocol’s ecosystem. YellowHeart LLC, an NFT marketplace for ticketing, music and community tokens, has partnered with artists like Maroon 5, Julian Lennon and Jerry Garcia. In addition, premier venues like MGM Resorts use their NFTs to be at the forefront of the ticketing revolution.

YellowHeart LLC already has some high-profile wins in its bag; it handled the 2021 release of When You See Yourself by Kings of Leon, who became the first rock band to release a new album as an NFT.

YellowHeart Protocol promises to be a strong contender in the new world of Web3 ticketing and music. People would be lucky to get into the IEO since it is prepared to deliver and add significant value to all users in the live events and ticketing space. The YellowHeart Protocol token sale will launch on May 10 on Bittrex Global Starting Block at 13:00 UTC, so be sure to not miss out on being a part of such an excellent opportunity to disrupt the traditional ways of doing things and take a leap into the future.

To keep up with the latest developments follow YellowHeart Protocol on Twitter and check out the launch at

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